Tailor in Helsinki. Men’s suits by size. From Dressmaker Faby you can now also get sized, glamorous men’s suits done as bespoke tailoring.

When a suit is made as bespoke tailoring, you will receive any kind of suit you want according to your measurements and requirements. Thus you will receive a high-quality, elegant and perfectly fitting suit. The fabric, model and all the details from pockets to collar will be to your liking. Bespoke tailored suit’s comfort and durability are also in their own class.

Our skillful tailors will listen to any customers’ wishes and thus a suitable fabric can be chosen and the best design can be made.

Taitava räätälimme kuuntelee asiakkaan toiveet, ja näin voidaan valita sopiva kangasvaihtoehto ja suunnitella paras mahdollinen malli.


Our tailor,a St. Petersburg-based dresser Oleg Khokhlov-Korolev, is the creator of top quality Sarto Russi suits. She has made men’s suits with over 20 years of experience. So far, Sarto Russi handmade men’s suits have been available in Paris, Rome and St. Petersburg.

Now it is also possible in Helsinki. Only first-class fabrics such as Cerruti, Holland & Sherry and Drago are used in suits. The fabric range is wide enough to find the material, color and pattern you want.

The suit fits perfectly and is comfortable because the customer’s physique and measurements are already considered in the design phase. The bespoke tailoring is done Helsinki and St. Petersburg.

The suit will be done in 1-3 monts. For best results, the suit is fitted twice during the production.


A meeting with the tailor can be booked from
– Dressmaker Faby
– or through the tailor’s own websites: http://www.sartorussi.ltd
– or through Instagram @sarto_russ


We also do other repairs for men’s suits.
If the suit is in good condition and the fabric is to your liking, it can be modified to fit you again. We replace zippers, do shortenings, lengthenings, widenings and reductions, etc. for men’s suits. Come and show your suit to us and we’ll see how it can be made more suitable.


We are a full service dressmaker’s on Fabianinkatu in Helsinki. We serve both private and company customers. We redecorate, refurbish and transform old clothes into modern and beautiful pieces. We make tailor made men’s, women’s and children’s clothing of all kinds. Wedding and party dresses as well. You can also get interior design textiles and boat upholstery from us.

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Quick repair

We also do quick repairs! I.a. Shortening of skirts or men’s pants quickly. Call and ask more!

Payment methods

We only accept bank cards and most common credit cards.